The Palace

We have created a residence which satisfies our wishes at Marrakech . It is the fascinating Moroccan city renowned for embroidery, a unique place which bears no resemblance to anywhere else.

The ambience was designed to host guests, who like us, cherish the intimate and profound sensations of well-being. The sensation of feeling at home while being very far away. The opportunity to move freely and in utter simplicity within spaces which blend subtle musical harmonies with the elegant lines and colours which are characteristic features of the rich cultural and artistic tradition of the country.
Precious antiques embellish the halls, the patio and the reception. bright colours and exquisite fabrics decorate the lounges; carpets, furnishings and decor entirely produced and crafted by master artisans of the area. These elements, enhanced by the knowledgeable expertise and care of our service, are fundamental in order to attain a fully gratifying well-being during your stay.

The hospitality of our facility was designed to satisfy three main requirements: the need of relaxation, the desire to discover and explore a land which is enriched by thousands of years of art and history, the spiritual necessity of beauty and elegance. We have organised and created the stay in the palace from this perspective: time marked by the soft gush of the fountains acquires a slower, more sensual rhythm, and the luxurious vegetation which flourishes in the archways and adorns the garden, beckons our guests into a country where the sweetness of living becomes a refined science.

A dream was born in Marrakech ...
... it will be a true pleasure to meet you.